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What Is the Best BB Gun?

The best BB gun provides an accurate and controlled shot. Today's BB guns are designed for a sleek, authentic-feeling experience that delivers the feel of a real firearm for beginners and gun enthusiasts alike. Shop our selection of best BB guns from top brands.

Pellet guns aren't just for kids any more. Master your marksmanship skills on the range or hunt down small prey and varmint. Shop BB guns designed for maximum accuracy and hours of fun in the great outdoors.

Select from tactical-inspired air rifles and pistols to sporty rifles featuring hardwood stock or camouflage that lets you blend in seamlessly to your environment. Choose from BB guns that resemble pistols and revolvers, or rifles with scopes that let you pinpoint your shot like never before. Check out .22 BB guns, which are ideal for smaller targets or plinking.

Turn to industry classics when selecting the right air gun or airsoft accessories, like Gamo®, Crosman®, Ruger® and many more.

How to Choose a BB Gun That's Right for You

Choose air rifles designed with realistic slide-kicking action and a drop-out magazine for the feel of semi-automatic action. For maximized accuracy and realistic feel, choose rifles or pistols with a scope or laser sight.

For beginners, opt for a BB gun or pellet gun that is lightweight and easy to handle. Non-slip, textured stock on the gun's grip and forearm ensures a firm hold. Choose a BB or air gun designed with superior safety mechanisms for peace of mind.

A finger-molded grip design on your gun is ideal for single or double-action shooting. Look for a fully adjustable sight so you can easily focus in and hit your target. Add airsoft ammo and accessories to your rifle or pistol to complete your customization or to have additional parts.

CO2-powered rifles and pistols come in many different shapes and sizes and commonly feature a 12-gram cartridge, such as Crosman CO2 cartridges, that powers the gun. Compared to a conventional firearm and other types of air guns, CO2-powered guns are more simplistic in use and easier to fire, however they are limited in their firing power.

Pneumatic air rifles use compressed air to propel a pellet. These guns do not require costly C02 cartridges to function. When hunting small game, the noise and movement of a pneumatic gun can become a disadvantage.

Spring-piston air guns are common adult-level pellet guns, employing a stout spring and air piston to propel a pellet down range. These guns lend consistency on a shot-to-shot basis and are more powerful than other air rifle mechanisms.

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