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Learn More About Kids' Golf Club Sets

Kids' Golf Club Sets for Any Age

Find complete youth package golf sets that include woods, irons, putters in a lightweight bag all geared for the needs of beginning golfer. Find clubs suited for a youngster's age, height and strength level to maximize their game. Junior golfers are more likely to develop good habits and technique when they play with a set of appropriately fitted equipment.

Choose clubs based on age or desired size, including:

  • Ages 5 & Under
  • Ages 5-9
  • Ages 9-12
  • Ages 12 & Over

Browse all kids' golf clubs or find a package set that has all of the clubs necessary for a young golf enthusiasts continuous growth and improvement. Look to top-performing brands like Cleveland®, First Swing®, and TopFlite® for equipment that ensures young golfers will have fun on the links.

Selecting appropriate junior golf gear is key: Youth golf sets for beginners vary based on the golfer's age and height range.

In youth golf sets, look for a more flexible shaft, smaller diameter grips, shorter playing lengths and lighter overall weight.

If a club is too heavy, a child could struggle to take the club to the top of their backswing. Lighter clubs help junior golfers get the club into the correct position. Select from junior club sets built with lighter heads and shafts, based on the player's strength level.

Look for lightweight, composite shafts and a lightweight driver with a large hitting source, which allows for greater forgiveness and longer drives. Thin about features such as junior grips, which are thinner than those on adult clubs. A thinner grip will help your child better manipulate the club.