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Take on Any Trick with BMX Bikes

Take on the road in style. Choose BMX bikes built to handle tricks and freestyle riding.

From motocross to stunts in a parking lot, look for a BMX bike that is built to withstand your ride. Choose a bike built with a lightweight, yet sturdy frame for easy maneuvering.

Select from three different types of BMX bikes:

  • Jump: These bikes are built for strength and durability, with lighter frames for height during jumps
  • Race: The original BMX bikes were designed for racing. They come with upright handlebars for better control
  • Ride: Street and park BMX bikes are designed with slicker tires for better grip on pavement

Looking for another style? Check out all bikes at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Look for a rugged bike designed to withstand obstacle courses, tricks and racing. Your bike should be the right blend of fast, agile and versatile. BMX bikes are typically single–speed with reinforced frames for strength.

A BMX bike should be able to take on any surface, from city sidewalks to rough off–road terrain. Ensure your bike can hold up to the stress of ramp-riding and dirt-jumping alike.

BMX bikes are typically designed for a lightweight feel for agility. Lighter bikes are easier to keep control over, so you can ride longer without wearing out.

Select between lightweight high-carbon steel Chromoly and aluminum bike frames or durable steel.