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11  Products

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Get ready to turn up the volume in style with Bose® electronics from DICK'S Sporting Goods. Bose® headphones take your workouts to the next level. Whether you're strolling outside with the pup for a walk around the neighborhood or going hard on leg day in the gym, these are the top-rated headsets athletes love. You know movement is vital during a workout and these sports accessories let you go for a full range of motion without losing your groove. Bose® speakers are a fantastic addition to any home or office whether it's for leisure listening or getting in a workout outside of the gym. The clarity and full sound that comes from these headphones and speakers allow you to stay in the zone, whatever you're up to.

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Expert Advice

Many Bose® earbuds are wireless, which means there's no fussing with connecting them to your device. Every time you turn on the headset or speaker, you are automatically connected to your device. This makes them the perfect gift for anyone in any age group. If you prefer conventional earbuds that connect to a device, we have those too. It's all about ease and function for your listening needs. The world is expanding and people listen to everything from music to podcasts and audio books when working out. Make sure the sound you get is crisp and crystal clear. This name brand of stereo products is known for durability. Invest in a name you know. Your workouts will be more comfortable than ever with these lightweight earbuds that automatically connect to your playlist. Sweat more, fool with your device less, all thanks to these nifty headphones.

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