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Advanced Bow Sights For Hunting & Competition

Keep your focus with top quality bow sights from DICK'S Sporting Goods. Explore an assortment of bow hunting sights including one pin sights, three pin sights, five pin sights and other designs.

Today's archery bow sights include innovative features that help you find your target under a wide range of shooting conditions. You'll find fiber optic bow sights, sights with shooter's rings that glow in the dark, multi-track alignment systems, and more advanced features. Whether you need a bow sight for archery competitions or tree stand hunting you'll find dozens of high performance sights to choose from at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

A good bow sight can make a dramatic difference in shooting accuracy for archers of any skill level. Here are a few key considerations to keep in mind as you shop for your new bow sight:

  • Multi-pin sights usually include three, five or seven pins which are fixed in advance to correspond to various shooting distances. Many hunters prefer multi-pin sights, as they do not require any adjustment before shooting.
  • Single pin bow sights feature a moveable pin that can be adjusted in the field for a given distance. These sights are a popular choice for hunters who prefer the ability to change their sights as needed. One pin sights also provide a less obstructed view through the bow sight.

If you are planning to participate in an archery competition, you may want to consider a competition-style bow sight. These sights include advanced alignment systems that can be moved in all three dimensions, allowing you to make very precise adjustments to your dovetail, elevation and windage settings.

Many of today's bow sights incorporate fiber optic strands, which provide a small but highly visible point to use in targeting. DICK'S Sporting Goods offers single pin and multi pin fiber optic bow sights from CBE Tek®, HHA Sports®, Spot Hogg®, IQ Bowsights®, Trophy Ridge® and other leading brands.