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Broadhead Selection

Shop a wide selection of dependable broadheads at DICK'S Sporting Goods. DICK'S carries well over 100 broadhead designs from top brands like Rage, Muzzy, Grim Reaper and more. Whether you need broadheads for deer, small-game broadheads or the best broadheads for elk hunting, DICK'S has you covered. Choose from mechanical, fixed blade and field points for target practice, all backed by the DICK'S Best Price Guarantee if you find a lower price on broadheads from another qualifying retailer, we'll match it.

Learn more about the broadheads available at DICK'S.

Fixed Blade vs. Mechanical

There are two main types of broadheads for sale at DICK'S: fixed blade and mechanical. Explore the differences and get the best fit for your hunt.

  • Fixed blade broadheads feature exposed, stationary blades and are well regarded for their durability and dependability. Fixed blades have a simple design with no moving parts, traits that give hunters added peace of mind. Fixed blade broadheads are recommended for low-poundage bows and especially for traditional bows.
  • Mechanical broadheads have blades that fold into the ferrule and expand upon impact. This design helps promote accuracy by reducing aerodynamic drag on the broadhead during flight and allowing the fletching to "steer" the arrow properly.

More Broadhead Buying Tips

After you decide on a fixed blade or mechanical, consider the following factors before making your final broadhead purchase.

  • Types of Broadhead Tips: There are primarily two types of tips for broadheads: chisel tip and cut-on-contact. Chisel tips make first contact with the animal and help clear the way for the blades to do their damage; they are noted for their ability to break through bone and other obstacles. The blades of cut-on-contact broadheads begin slicing through the hide immediately upon impact and are known for deep, efficient penetration; they are particularly popular among hunters who use recurve bows.
  • Weight: DICK'S carries broadheads ranging from 75-grain up to 125-grain in weight. In general, 100-grain broadheads are ideal for use with carbon arrows and other lighter-weight shafts, while 125-grain broadheads are better suited for heavier aluminum arrows.
  • Number of Blades: Most broadheads at DICK'S will have two, three or four blades. Some hunters opt for more blades for their tendency to create larger wounds and thicker bloodtrails. Still, others prefer a standard two-blade broadhead, believing them to be more structurally sound and easier to sharpen.

If you're still not sure which type to choose, check out the selection of top-rated broadheads — each broadhead in this collection has received a rating of at least four stars from DICK'S Sporting Goods customers.

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