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Buff CoolNet UV+ Neck Gaiter
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Buff CoolNet UV+ Neck Gaiter

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Buff Neck Gaiters for Every Season

Originally designed to cover the gap around your neck from the wind and the cold, neck gaiters have recently surged in popularity regardless of the temperature outside. Whether you're looking for something that will keep your neck warm, something to keep your hair out of your eyes or a lightweight, breathable mask, a Buff® CoolNet gaiter may be just what you need.

If the shirt, hat and shoes that you wear reflect your personality, your Buff neck warmer should do the same. That’s why we offer a variety of colors and patterns designed to pair up with your favorite outfits. You can find a neck gaiter with a subdued, muted, solid color or a bold pattern such as camo or state flag prints. We have plenty of options, so you can find a neck gaiter that will keep you warm and suit your tastes.

Buff Gaiters Offer Fashionable Functionality

Not only do our gaiters keep your neck warm, they also add an extra flare to your look while serving other purposes as well. Thanks to the design of neck gaiters, they can be much more than neck warmers. The following are some ways to put your gaiter to good use:

  • Balaclava: In cold climates, your Buff neck gaiter can be pulled up to keep your head and ears warm.
  • Headband: Wear your gaiter around your head as a sweatband if you're working out, hiking or taking part in strenuous activity.
  • Hair Accessory: Those with long hair can employ their Buff neck gaiters as a ponytail holder or hair scrunchie in a pinch.

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