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Keep the bugs at bay with quality insect repellent from DICK’S Sporting Goods.

Insect repellent is an essential for all your outdoor activities—think hiking, biking, camping and tailgating. These simple substances coat the body with a non-toxic chemical formula, or contact insecticide, which discourages common insects from landing or climbing on your skin.

Always consult product information when purchasing your insect repellent. There you can find details about the application of your insect repellent as well ask which insects it targets. Common insects are ticks, mosquitoes, mite and more.

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Expert Advice

Don’t let pesky bug bites hamper your outdoor adventure. Many insect repellents come in the form of easy-to-use spray, which allow for even and complete coating upon use. In addition to protecting exposed skin, many repellents also can treat your gear, like your tent and hiking clothes. It’s this extra layer of protection that can help keep insects in check.

When purchasing insect repellent, always review product information to find out which insects are actually quelled by the formula. Common bugs, including ticks and mosquitoes, are typically covered. Many formulas recommend reapplication after several hours of wear, while others are designed for long-lasting use after several washings.

Always ensure your bug spray is non-toxic and will not stain. In addition to traditional insect repellents, you can suit up with hiking mosquito nets, bug jackets and mitts and even full mosquito shelters—all designed to keep bugs away so you can relish your time in Mother Nature.

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