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Learn More About Camping Gadgets

Types of Camping Gadgets & Electronics

Find everything you need to navigate unfamiliar terrain during your camping expedition with GPS units including top-rated Garmin GPS watches and devices. When using electronics outdoors, always make sure you have adequate power.

Treasure seakers can browse a wide selection of metal detectors and accessories to ensure they are equipped to hunt for lost items or new treasures.

When you're in the elements, a weather radio can be especially helpful for relaying current conditions and changing temperatures so you are prepared for even the coldest of nights.

The type of camping electronics you need depends on what you plan to do doing your camping trip. If you plan to venture any sizable distance from populated areas or familiar landmarks, carry a GPS system. A portable, hand-held unit is sufficient in most instances and a starter kit like the Garmin eTrex 20x Handheld GPS is a great option.

For charging your various electronics, the sun is often the most reliable source of power. A portable charger with built-in solar panels charges just about any USB device, and some chargers have accessories such as built-in lights, radios, connections for Apple devices and auxiliary hand-cranks for times when the sun is not strong enough.

For camping, there are a range of different GPS units that are appropriate for different circumstances. A "sunlight readable" display will prove to be useful during daytime hours. For rugged traveling, it also pays to invest in a unit that has dirt-resistant and waterproof features.

Most portable and solar chargers will charge USB devices, but unless you have exclusively USB devices it is more beneficial to possess a charger with the ability to charge a wider range of electronics and batteries.

Keep in mind that these chargers often come with power cords and battery packs. You will be able to keep everything better organized if you have a charger with a zippered pocket for all accessories.