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Our World-Class Selection of Century Punching Bags

Building up your boxing skills can not only give you a great cardio workout, but it's also an outstanding way to improve your self-confidence and your overall physical abilities. Punching bags come in all shapes, sizes and materials, so it's important to pinpoint exactly what you're looking for before you pick one up. If you're training for speed and stamina, then you'll want a lighter bag that bounces back quickly or a Bob dummy that you can use to practice your footwork and your defense. To build up your power punches, you'll want a heavier bag that's designed for absorbing maximum force. Century® also makes special grappling bags to help you boost your takedown ability, and wrestling with these bags can be another way to build your endurance in the ring.

Our complete selection of Century bags at DICK's Sporting Goods includes:

  • Century Muay Thai Bags: These are great for training your hands, but they are also designed to absorb knees, kicks, elbows and heel strikes.
  • Century Wavemaster Punching Bags: Frequently used by the pros for aerobic workouts, the Wavemaster bags are specifically engineered to help you increase your work output.
  • Bob Punching Bags: Bob punching bags are an excellent type of MMA gear for perfecting your head movement. They provide a realistic fighting cadence, and many professional boxers use these to work on new combinations and footwork patterns.

Train Your Favorite Combat Sports with Century Punching Bags

If you're looking to train Tae Kwan Do along with your boxing sessions, then consider one of the fight simulator bags you can find in our selection of boxing and MMA gear. The Wavemaster, for example, has a cone-like shape and multiple colors for improving the accuracy of your strikes. For beginning and expert wrestlers, our Century grappling dummies come in multiple weights. The 70-pound grappling dummy is our lightest, and each model is constructed from a durable vinyl material that's padded with reinforced lacing. Our heaviest Century grappling bag is 120 pounds, and we also carry a 140-pound MMA dummy. Visit your local store today to get all the training gear you need.