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Cliff Keen® Headgear for Protection & Comfort

Discover why elite wrestlers depend on Cliff Keen® headgear.

Stay protected on the mat with responsive, lightweight headgear from Cliff Keen®. The brand's signature headgear comes in two and four-strap styles. Multiple straps secure your headgear in place during competition.

Cliff Keen wrestling headgear is available in two sizes:adult and youth. The headgear can be adjusted to perfectly contour to your head. Shop our full selection of wrestling headgear and wrestling gear at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Cliff Keen® headgear is engineered for the precise fusion of absolute protection and lightweight fit. Secure multi-strap systems keep your headgear fit to your head, while still allowing proper ventilation.

Cliff Keen® Audible Sound Technology protects your ears but allows sound in so you can hear fans cheer as your rack up pins. A simple adjustment system lets you quickly tighten or loosen the headgear for the correct fit.

The chin strap is the strap that either goes across or underneath a wrestler's chin to keep the headgear in place.

Recently, chin cups have increased in popularity. Some wrestlers may find chin cups more comfortable because the strap may be secured to the chin rather than under the chin, relieving pressure off the throat.

Consider shopping for our other high-quality Cliff Keen wrestling products to help you excel on the mat, including multiple styles of Cliff Keen® singlets.