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Upgrade Your Grilling With Coleman Outdoor Grills

Step up your outdoor grilling game with Coleman grills at DICK'S Sporting Goods. Coleman grills are the perfect portable grills for tailgates, road trips, camping and all of your favorite outdoor activities.

Coleman grills are designed to combine convenient portability with a classic grilling experience. Choose from popular Coleman outdoor grills with foldable features, wheels, and removable legs for easy and compact travel.

Coleman Grills for Camping

Complete your camp kitchen with a Coleman portable grill. Coleman grills are ideal for camping trips, with compact designs and propane gas fuel systems. With durable construction, adjustable burners and easy-to-clean features, Coleman outdoor grills are perfect for creating all types of camping cuisine.

Coleman Propane Grills

This collection of Coleman grills use propane fuel for easy ignition and operation. Stock up with extra propane fuel to prepare for your next outdoor meal!

Shop popular Coleman grills including:

  • Coleman RoadTrip Portable Standup Grills
  • Coleman 4-in-1 Propane Gas Cooking Systems
  • Coleman RoadTrip Portable Tabletop Grills

Check out our full collection of outdoor grills and camp stoves for more options, plus complete your outdoor cookware with more camp cooking equipment.