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Learn More About Coleman Camping Lanterns & Lantern Accessories

Learn More About Coleman® Lanterns & Lighting

Light the way through just about any situation with Coleman® lanterns and lights.

Trust your lighting to one of the most iconic names in outdoor goods. Coleman® lighting is great for hikes, camping trips, family picnics or emergency situations. Expect bright, reliable and consistent light for whatever your outing has in store.

The lighting collection from Coleman® includes propane or kerosene lanterns, headlamps, LED lights, spotlights and much more. Looking for something else? Shop the entire collection of headlamps, flashlights and lanterns at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Coleman® lanterns help maintain lighting in a variety of settings, particularly at your campsite. You can select between a variety of fuel types for the lantern that's right for you.

  • Propane lanterns are a popular choice—they're easy to use, light to carry and highly reliable. Note that they do not perform well in freezing temperatures.
  • Kerosene is economical and dependable, though many campers find it has a strong smell and can give off smoke.
  • Dual-fuel lanterns use a combination of butane and propane. These appliances are lightweight and simple to use, though fluctuations in temperature can impact usage.
  • LED lanterns are rechargeable and give off great light. Plus, LED never needs to be replaced, so your lantern is ready to go season after season.

In addition to lanterns, Coleman® offers headlamps, spotlights and much more.

Headlamps are a lightweight, compact way to provide hands-free light on the go. Always consult product information for details on your product's usage. For example, lumens indicate how intensely light glows at its source. This factor indicates the power of your light. Also, think about factors including beam distance, battery life and the size and weight of your headlamp.