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Coleman Tents For Your Outdoor Adventure

Pack up and go on an adventure. Relish your backcountry excursion or your weekend trip to the campground—wherever you are, Coleman® tents are for kicking back in the great outdoors.

From a rugged outing to an overnight getaway, find the Coleman® built for your adventure. Backpackers love the light pack weight and common-sense design of Coleman® backpacking tents. Campers looking for a home away from home love the sturdy, spacious feel of a Coleman® cabin tent.

Coleman® tents feature a variety of innovative features designed to help you maximize your camping trip. Go for a classic dome tent or Coleman® tents outfitted with built-in LED lighting. Select from ultra-durable materials, weatherproofing and simple-set up features, all from one of the most trusted names in the outdoors.

Coleman tents from DICK'S Sporting Goods are designed to protect you from the elements. Choose from instant tents, lighted tents, dome tents, cabin tents and more. Functionality is the number one concern, but we also have Coleman tents in a variety of cool colors.

These tents are made to be sturdy and reliable without being too complicated to set up. Make the most out of your camping and backpacking trips with quality Coleman tents. Whether you need a two person or eight person tent, you can find something here. Enjoy Mother Nature even more with the right tent for your needs.

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Find the Coleman® tent for your adventure:

Coleman® Cabin Tents are great for use at an established campground. These dwellings are designed for a large, square footprint with high ceilings and vertical walls. Pack up with cots, folding chairs, air mattresses—a few amenities that make your trip more comfortable.

Coleman® Instant Tents take just a few minutes to set up—so you have more time to enjoy your outing. Instant tents come in a variety of sizes and with the same features found on other Coleman® tents.

Coleman® Hinge Door & Lighted Tents are packed with technology-rich features. A patented hinge-door design and auto-roll windows are the ultimate in utility. Built-in 100-lumen LED lights keep your tent illuminated come nightfall.

Coleman® Backpacking Tents are designed to be lightweight and compact, so you can enjoy the trail.

When you 're on your camping trip, the last thing you need to worry about is your tent. Learn more about the features in a Coleman® tent, so you can make the most of your journey:

Doors may seem like a basic feature on your tent, but keep in mind that you may want an additional entryway for added utility. Coleman's® proprietary hinge-door tents provide easy access to your tent.

Windows on a tent provide much-needed ventilation. If you're camping in the summer season, a tent with windows is a must.

Vestibules are the covered area outside of the main dwelling area in your tent. This area provides extra space to store your belongings or take off muddy clothing and shoes.

Rainfly is the protective covering over the top of your tent. This feature acts as an umbrella, streaming precipitation, wind and even UV rays away from your tent.