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Learn More About Crab Nets & Clam Digging Tools

Clam Rakes & Crabbing Supplies: Enjoy a Fresh, Healthy Dinner

Put a delicious seafood meal on your family's table tonight with crab nets and clam digging tools for sale from DICK'S Sporting Goods. If you regularly head out to sea, you know there is a verifiable bounty of tasty seafood just waiting to be scooped up, steamed and served with a splash of butter and a few ears of corn.

With crab traps and pots, you will have no problem scoring a hefty haul of crustaceans. Crab nets are made from durable materials that can not be cut by your prey's sharp claws. When the timing is right, bait your traps and wait patiently. If you are on the hunt for shellfish, use a clam rake. Clamming is a great family activity and a good way to enjoy the beach during the cooler months.

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Use Professional-Quality Crab Nets & Clam Digging Tools

When you are fishing for crabs or digging for clams, it helps to use pro-quality clamming and crabbing gear from DICK'S Sporting Goods. The last thing you want is for dinner to escape your traps or for a subpar rake to break while there are still plenty of delicious bivalves buried beneath the sandbar. Here are some perks to top-notch clamming and crabbing supplies:

  • Durability: The sea can be unforgiving. Though crabbing or clamming in an inlet or a sandbar is not quite fishing on the high seas, you still need tough gear that can handle the environment.
  • Rust-Resistant Build: Saltwater can do a number on metal. Crabbing equipment is made to resist rusting.
  • Easy To Use: Purchase clam and crab tools that are easy to use. Of course, you have to know the right spot to set your traps or rake for clams.

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