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SportDOG Brand SportHunter E-Collar
  • Camo
  • Black
SportDOG Brand SportHunter E-Collar

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PetSafe UltraLite Bi-fold Pet Ramp
    PetSafe UltraLite Bi-fold Pet Ramp

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    Learn More About Waterfowl Hunting Clothing & Gear

    Bring Home Your Bird. Shop Waterfowl Hunting Gear

    From the American Black Duck to a Northern Shoveler, bag your trophy bird with the waterfowl hunting collection at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

    Set out on your duck hunt with the gear experienced hunters trust. Mimic the precise squawks and squeals of the local breed with quality-crafted duck calls and geese calls. Conceal yourself in easy-to-set-up waterfowl blinds and lure them in with realistic duck decoys.

    You can layer up for a morning in the wetlands with camouflage jackets, hunting pants, waders and gloves. Shop top waterfowl hunting gear from brands like Field & Stream, Drakefowl®, Flambeau® and Pro Line®.

    Need a gift for a waterfowl enthusiast? Check out our most popular duck hunting gifts.

    Keeping concealed is essential for your hunt.

    Waterfowl can see two to three times father than humans. And Duck retina has a unique ocular structure called the pectin. This high concentration of blood vessels enables remarkable sensitivity to motion. Ducks perceive color better than humans, too. Blues, greens, reds and yellows appear more vibrantly. They're also able to see ultraviolent radiation.

    So a duck's superior vision makes camo key. Think camo-print blinds, fake grass, realistic duck decoys and duck hunting clothing that blends with the natural terrain.

    Camo jackets and pants are designed with matte camo prints that resemble your hunting habitat. Layer up with soft shells, vests and three-in-one jackets. Gain extra coverage with a raised collar and fully taped seams.

    Bag your bird in a pair of chest waders. Select from stocking-feet waders or boot waders for the fit and feel you want on your hunt. Stock up on everything you need with waterfowl hunting accessories like hunting vests, seat cushions and much more.

    A duck's visual acuity means you've got to take extra steps to bring in your bird.

    Reproduce the natural mating calls of the local duck breed with a variety of wood and acrylic duck calls. Look for a call crafted with ridges and ditches on the sounding board, which enables you to produce raspy highs and lows with accuracy. Keep in mind, wood calls are softer, more mellow and subtle. Acrylic calls are more pronounced, dense and sharp. Calls with one or two reeds are available.

    A duck decoy might just be the secret weapon on your hunt. The best models are pained with intricate colors and feather detail. Pain should reflect sunlight in the same way as natural feathers. Choose ducks with a variety of positions. For example, drakes and hens positioned naturally.