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Learn More About Duck Hunting Decoys

Convincing Duck Decoys for Your Next Hunt

Entice more waterfowl with amazingly realistic duck decoys.

Find a wide variety of hunting decoys in standard or larger sizes. Flying or full-body decoys are great to place in the field. Other models are designed to look like they're swimming in the water.

Consider how you want to control your duck decoy. Hunting decoys that can be manipulated with a tangle-free jerk cord or a remote control are easier to use than decoys that require you to use your hands.

Choose a duck decoy from top hunting brands like Flambeau, Lucky Duck, Hardcore, MOJO Outdoors, Avery Outdoors, Greenhead Gear and Zink Avian X.

If you're searching for a motion duck decoy, find a design that uses realistic motions. Flapping wings or bobbing heads attract more waterfowl.

Consider the paint job. The best models feature intricate and lifelike feather detail. Look for paint that reflects the sunlight in the same way as real bird feathers.

Have a diversity of ducks in a variety of positions. Looks for drakes and hens positioned with both their heads high and their heads low. Consider adding a goose spread to your mix. Goose decoys are big and highly visible. Plus, ducks know that where there are geese, there is likely food.

If you plan to use your decoy in or near water, make sure the design has a protected electrical system. Consider a duck decoy that is at least water resistant in case it rains during your hunt.

To fool your prey, set up your spread in the water with the "nose" facing into the current for maximum realism. If you can't find a current, direct the duck decoys into the wind. Consider luck on your side when the current and wind directions align.

For easy storage and transportation, look for a decoy with detachable wings. If the lure is powered by battery, consider a rechargeable battery model that will last long enough for your hunt.