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Learn More About Duck Hunting Game Calls

Bring In Your Trophy Hen: Learn About Duck Calls

Help get an edge in the field with duck calls from DICK'S Sporting Goods. The best duck calls give you the ability to produce a variety of duck sounds to help attract single birds or flocks to your position.

Choose from Duck Commander® duck calls, as well as duck calls from other trusted brands, in wood, polycarbonate and other quality materials. DICK'S Sporting Goods offers duck calls that simulate the calls of specific ducks, such as mallard or wood duck calls, as well as calls that allow you to mimic the sounds of many different duck varieties. Also, find sets that include informational CDs.

When choosing the right duck call for your next hunting trip, one important consideration is whether you want a single-reed or double-reed duck call.

Double reed duck calls are popular with many hunters because they are easier to use and require less precise control. More experienced duck hunters often prefer single-reed duck calls, which allow for a wider variety of sounds and greater calling range.

Material is another important factor to consider. Traditionally, duck calls were crafted from wood, which produces excellent tones but can be prone to cracking or splitting. Newer materials such as polycarbonate and acrylic offer superior durability in addition to clean, crisp call sounds.

  • Advance preparation can help you avoid frustration on your hunting trips. Take the time to learn the different calls used by the ducks in your area, and practice replicating them on your duck call. Some ducks, such as wood ducks, have unique vocalizations while flying and while on the ground, while other ducks can be attracted by a single call type in various situations.
  • Duck call lanyards allow for a hands-free transport of your duck call with easy access.
  • Keep your duck calls in top condition by taking them apart and letting them dry between uses. Excess moisture can degrade your duck call and lead to loss of volume and tonal range in the field.