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Nike Dumbbell – Single
    Nike Dumbbell – Single

    $17.50 - $185.00

    ETHOS Rubber Hex Dumbbell - Single
      ETHOS Rubber Hex Dumbbell - Single

      $12.98 - $119.99

      $14.99 - $119.99*

      Fitness Gear Cast Hex Dumbbell- Single
        Fitness Gear Cast Hex Dumbbell- Single

        $9.99 - $79.99

        $10.99 - $99.99*

        ZIVA Hexagon RPU Steel Dumbbells - Pair
        • Black/Grey/Yellow
        ZIVA Hexagon RPU Steel Dumbbells - Pair

        $29.99 - $209.99

        $39.99 - $219.99*

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        Learn More About Dumbbells & Dumbbell Sets

        Stay Fit with High-Quality Dumbbell Sets & Dumbbells

        Maximize your training at home with dumbbells and dumbbell sets from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

        Getting fit starts at DICK'S. Support your fitness goals with the latest gear and deals on fitness and exercise equipment.

        While certain fitness machines are great for working specific muscles, a free weight forces your body to engage additional stabilizing muscles. This gives you a more efficient workout. You can perform a large variety of exercises with a dumbbell set from this collection.

        Choose from light dumbbells for use while power walking or doing aerobics, medium dumbbell weights for toning and building smaller muscle groups and heavy weights for your mass-building goals. Dumbbells in this collection are available with rounded and hex designs and optional neoprene coating. Don't forget to pair your new dumbbell set with a weight & dumbbell rack.

        Stop paying for an expensive monthly gym membership and get a great workout that you can fit into your busy schedule. With one dumbbell set, you'll have everything you need to begin turning that spare room or basement into an incredible home gym. Choose the dumbbell weight that's right for you or opt for adjustable dumbbells that help you customize your training while saving space.

        Browse the complete collection of weights at DICK'S Sporting Goods from top brands including Bowflex dumbbells and get ready to take your training to the next level.

        Looking for more ways to stay fit at home? Check out the full collection of workout equipment.

        Mix Up Your Workout for Optimal Results

        Variety is the spice of life. If you feel like you've hit a wall with your routine, start working in new exercises. Dumbbells from DICK'S Sporting Goods will provide the resistance you need to build muscle. Add a couple reps that work a muscle group you may have been neglecting or revolutionize your workout with a new routine.

        Here are some other tips for making progress in the home gym:

        • Keep a Log: Track your workouts over time and pinpoint where you're improving and where you're not.
        • Get Plenty of Rest: Your muscles need downtime to grow. Challenge yourself but don't overwork.
        • Monitor Your Nutrition: Your body needs the right fuel. Make sure you have the energy for endurance exercises and the protein to build muscle.

        Create an environment that makes you push yourself to meet new goals. Check out the full assortment of top-quality exercise equipment at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

        Find the Right Dumbbells & Dumbbell Sets For Your Workout

        Adjustable Dumbbells: Adjustable dumbbells offer the versatility of a complete dumbbell set, but they take up less space in your home gym and offer customizable weight options. These adjustable weight sets are generally around the same size as single dumbbells and have easy-to-add or subtract weight increments so you can customize your workout.

        Dumbbell Sets: You can purchase dumbbells as single weights, a pair, or a full dumbbell set. Dumbbell sets are often offered as adjustable weights or as a full set of free weights. When shopping for dumbbell sets, consider your workout and fitness goals. Some popular dumbbell set weight increments are 1 lb - 10 lbs, 10 lbs- 30 lbs, 5 lbs- 50 lbs, and 80 lbs - 100 lbs.

        Dumbbell Weights: DICK'S Sporting Goods offers dumbbells for every type of workout. Find small dumbbells for light workouts, including 1 to 5- pound dumbbells, work on building muscle with medium weight dumbbells including options from 10 to 40 pounds, or take your weight lifting to the next level with heavy weight dumbbells from 50 to 100 pounds.

        Top Dumbbell Brands: Find dumbbells and weight sets from top brands including Body-Solid, Bowflex, ETHOS, PowerBlock and more!

        Browse our full selection to buy dumbbells online, or find your closest DICK'S Sporting Goods location to shop dumbbells near you!