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Easton® Baseball & Softball Bats are Complete Game Changers

Step up to the plate with one of the biggest names in the game – Easton® baseball and softball bats from DICK'S Sporting Goods. Made for hitters of all ages and skill levels, Easton® bats feature a variety of technologies and designs that can help you maximize your swing.

Browse this incredible selection to find the one that’s right for you. Choose from bats made for the following types of play:

  1. Baseball
  2. Fast pitch softball
  3. Slow pitch softball
  4. Youth baseball or softball

With legendary Easton® quality, you'll notice a quicker, more powerful swing. Shop the full collection of Easton Mako Bats to find the perfect bat for you.

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Expert Advice

Make your next at bat one for the record books with a powerful new bat.

You should consider factors such as age, skill level, batting style and league requirements when choosing your new bat:

  • Barrel Size is the diameter around the barrel of your bat. The longer the bat the larger the sweet spot, but smaller barrels lighten the load to increase your swing speed.
  • Grip is the covering on the handle of your bat. Look for a grip that promotes a steady hold and absorbs sting upon impact.
  • Drop is your bat’s length-to-weight ratio, denoted as the “minus number.” This is simply the difference of the bat’s weight from its length. Always consult league guidelines before selecting a drop.

Every job is easier with the right tools, and the task of swatting fastballs into the bleachers is no exception. You practice hard to make sure your swing mechanics are flawless, don't step up to the plate with anything less than a superior bat.

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Check League Regulations for Fun and Safe Gameplay

Put safety first, and make sure you have an appropriate bat. Different leagues and playing levels require various certifications for legal play. Always consult local regulations before selecting your new baseball or softball bat. BBCOR baseball bats are required for play at the NFHS and NCAA levels. BBCOR, standing for Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution, measures the trampoline effect of a baseball bat. All BBCOR-certified bats have a -3 drop.

Choose the best Easton® baseball bat for your league, and start swinging for the fences. You'll have more confidence at the plate and more pop in your swing. Spend more time on base and less time in the dugout.

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