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There's an art to choosing the right softball bat for your game. Shop Easton softball bats at DICK'S Sporting Goods. It's all about size for the best swing. Place the base of the barrel of the bat at the center of your chest and reach your arms out. Your fingertips should graze the tip of the bat. This is how to select the right length of bat for any game -- softball or baseball.

For softball, consider the game you're playing. There are fastball and slowpitch games for this sport, and which you're playing determines the weight your bat should be. Slowpitch bats are considerably lighter and made to hit a softball that has the classic rainbow-style pitch that comes in at a slow speed. For fastball softball, the ball is thrown in a more conventional manner, which means the bat is heavier to give you proper follow through to get the ball high and far into the air.

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For both of these games, composite and metal softball bats are where it's at. It all depends on what feels most comfortable in your hands. Practicing at the batting cages means you should use the same bat you plan on using in the game. A composite bat is slightly lighter weight and provides less bounce and strain in the grip.

With metal bats, there's more strength behind the hit, giving you the ability to improve your overall batting skills. Most people use composite bats for fastball softball, while there's an even mix of aluminum and composite bats used for slowpitch softball. The key is to find the right size for your height and focus on how the bat feels in your hands.

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