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Learn More About Eye Black & Stickers

Get Protection From the Sun with Eye Black

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Eye black is used primarily in football and baseball. The sun reflects strongly in both of these sports and athletes use eye black to reduce obstruction from the bright sun when they're examining what's going on on the field. Practice makes perfect when applying eye black or eye black stickers. You want it to sit at the high point of the cheeks, just below the eyes, giving the sunlight a surface to absorb into versus getting in your eyes.

For the best protection, it starts with applying the eye black properly. For eye black stickers, start by applying the sticker from the outside of the cheek and press inwards. This anchors the sticker at the top of the cheek and keeps it securely in place as you press down and smooth the sticker as you move along closer to the nose. Do this on both sides and let the stickers set for a few minutes before doing any strenuous face movements.

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How to Apply & Remove Eye Black Sticks & Eye Black Stickers

Eye Black Sticks

Think of eye black as lip balm for your cheeks. It's just as easy to apply.

Pop off the cap and start at the outside of one cheekbone, right below the edge of the eye cavity. Draw a line across your cheek ending close to the bridge of your nose. Your resulting line should be between one and two inches in length. Repeat on the other side. Try to keep both sides even.

You may need to go back and forth a few times to get a solid line of black.

Removing this eye black can take some time. In general, an alcohol wipe or a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol will get it off your skin after some scrubbing, but follow the directions provided on the box of your specific product.

Eye Black Stickers

After taking the stickers out of the package, peel the strips from their sheet and adhere them to your cheek, about half an inch below your eye and centered so that the middle aligns with your pupil.

Repeat this on the other side. Make sure the stickers are level with one another.

Removing these stickers are much easier than the eye black stick. Simply peel them off of your cheek and you're done.