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TroKar Swimbait Fish Hooks
    TroKar Swimbait Fish Hooks

    $5.99 - $6.99



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    Learn More About Fishing Hooks

    Fishing Hooks: Catch Your Next Trophy Fish

    Shop fishing hooks from DICK'S Sporting Goods and prepare for your next fishing trip. Whether your looking for hooks for fly fishing or just throwing a line in off your dock, our assortment has the options you need.

    When choosing a fishing hook, it's important to keep the type of fish you want to catch and fishing conditions you'll be exposed to in mind. It's imperative that you select the right hook based on everything from the bait you're using, to the line in the rod to the species of fish you're aiming to reel in. The correct fishing hooks will provide both the durability and strength you'll need for your next fishing adventure.

    Our assortment carries hooks from all of the top brands including Eagle Claw®, VMC® Gamakatsu® & more, allowing you to find what you need while maintaining trusted quality. If you're chasing the big tuna on a boat off the coast or just fishing with your children in the pond outback, you'll find the perfect fishing hook for all occasions.

    For more, browse all fishing tackle from DICK'S Sporting Goods. Get low prices on all fishing products with our Best Price Guarantee.

    First, learn about the anatomy of your fishing hook:

    • The hook eye is the metal hole used for knotting your hook and line. They come in ring, taper and needle models.
    • The shank is the straight portion of your hook. Short shanks are commonly used for fly fishing, while all-purpose medium shanks are better suited for most types of general freshwater fishing. Large shanks are used for larger species of fish.
    • The hook gape is the empty space between the hook's shaft and point. Larger gapes are required for larger species of fish.
    • The hook point is the sharp end of the hook. Fishing hook barbs are often located at the end of the point, designed to penetrate the fish.

    Next, learn about the different types of fishing hooks available:

    • Baitholder Hooks: This type of hook has a long shaft and rounded hook point to topped with a sharp barb.
    • Worm Hooks: Heavy duty enough to deeply penetrate fish, they're best used on large species with a lot of fighting power. Worm hooks are frequently used for "Texas rigging," in which anglers place the point of the bait directly into the body of the worm.
    • Jig Hooks: Jig hooks are any hook that's been molded into a shape for a special application. These hooks are used for both live baits and soft plastics.
    • Aberdeen Hooks: Crafted of a thin wire, these hooks leave minimal damage to keep your game fish lively.