Fishing Rod Holders

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Fishing Rod Holders For The Boat Or Shore

Upgrade your fishing gear with high performance fishing rod holders at DICK'S Sporting Goods. Explore a tremendous selection of rod holders for boating, shoreline fishing, sand fishing and other conditions.

Choose from spiral rod holders, multi-tube holders and other convenient designs from trusted brands. You'll also find adapter plates and other accessories to help you create the ideal arrangement for your next fishing trip.

Whether you're looking for a simple sand tube or an adjustable holder with multiple mounting options, you'll find an array of high quality rod holders to choose from.

Fishing rod holders allow you to keep your line in the water while you attend to other tasks, helping improve your chances for a catch. When you're shopping for a new rod holder, keep these points in mind:

  • If you will be fishing from a beach or river bank, consider the type of surface you will be placing your rod holder in. A simple stake-style rod holder is a good choice for use in mud or soil.
  • Tube or screw-style rod holders are popular with anglers who need to keep fishing rods stable in sand, as these designs typically provide excellent anchorage in loose material.
In addition to keeping your rod in place if you need to step away for a moment, rod holders are also useful when reeling in large fish. A rod holder made of rugged materials like aluminum or high-strength plastic can provide a secure base for your rod, allowing you to concentrate on reeling in your line without worrying about the rod slipping from your grip. Some boat-mounted rod holders are designed to be permanently attached to a fishing boat, while others are designed for temporary use. A removable fishing rod holder may be right for you if you use your boat for other recreational activities and want to keep your rod holder out of the way when not in use.