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Acme Kastmaster Spoon
Acme Kastmaster Spoon

$3.49 - $17.99

$4.99 - $17.99*

Williams HQ Spoon Lure
  • Cajun Orange
  • Candied Ice
  • Orange Monkey
  • Watermelon
Williams HQ Spoon Lure

$12.99 - $14.99

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Learn More About Fishing Spoons

Fishing Spoons Have Earned a Place in Every Tackle Box

Shop fishing spoons from DICK'S Sporting Goods and discover the latest designs from top brands, as well as classic styles that have earned a place in every angler's tackle box. Fishing spoons for sale include everything from detailed, textured creations that are made to look just like real bait fish to the classic silver slab that has landed so many fish over the years.

Put simply, these are some of the best fishing spoons on the market today. Well-made, dependable and proven to work, they are wonderful go-to lures when other options have failed. Whether you are upgrading an old, rusty lure or trying something completely new, you will be happy with the diverse spoons available.

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Advantages of Some of the Best Fishing Spoons for Sale

Spoon-style fishing lures available from DICK'S Sporting Goods are popular for a few important reasons. Of course, a lot of the art of fishing comes down to where you choose to cast your lure and the amount of hungry fish that are lurking nearby, but the right lure can make a huge difference. Here are some benefits to casting with a spoon:

  • No Frills Design: Simply clip it onto your leader and you are ready to go. These no frills designs are simple to set up and will have you casting in no time.
  • Unique Movement: Nothing skims the surface like a spoon. Mix things up and reel in your line in sudden bursts for jagged movement that look like an injured baitfish.
  • Cost: Spoons are low cost lures. There is really no reason not to tuck a few away. You never know if they will come in handy.

Discover a full line of baits and lures at DICK'S Sporting Goods.