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Learn More About Steppers & Stair Climbers

Support Your Home Workout with Steppers & Stair Climbers

DICK'S Sporting Goods is your destination for stair climbing devices, offering a range of options from top manufacturers to take your home workout to the next level.

Steppers have become popular all over the world in recent years, delivering an effective, low-impact workout in just minutes per day. Finding the time to exercise can be difficult with your busy schedule but not with a stepper. A stair climber stepper machine from this collection will make a wonderful addition to your home gym.

Focus and determination are a big part of having a successful workout. Unlike other activities such as walking, jogging and running, step aerobics allow you to regularly vary your routine to keep you engaged and fully committed. Experience a great workout with these amazing machines.

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Find the Right Machine for Your Space

More people than ever are discovering the benefits of step training, and the two main options for fitness enthusiasts who want to bring the intensity of a stair workout home are workout steppers and stair climbers.

  • A workout stepper is ideal for individuals with limited space and time to dedicate to a workout regimen, as their low profiles are designed for easy storage.
  • Stair climbers take up more more space than a workout stepper, but include features like adjustable resistance and mileage tracking. Stair climbers can also be paired with compatible platforms that raise the step while maintaining its stability to deliver an even more demanding workout routine. Stair climbers are best for the more serious fitness enthusiast who will use them at least a few times a week, as its larger footprint takes up much more space but can deliver more variety in a workout.

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