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Petzl IKO Headlamp

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Petzl IKO Core Headlamp

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BioLite Rechargeable Headlamp 330

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Light the Way with Headlamps & Camp Lighting

From the campground the trail, experience the convenience of hands-free light. Illuminate the way with headlamps and flashers.

Spend your evening under the stars with a variety of camping lanterns and gain supreme utility at night with flashlights. Hunting flashers are must-have tools for keeping your prey in-sight - scout varmint or gain valuable light in emergency situations with a flasher system.

Shop camp lighting, headlamps, flashlights and lanterns from popular brands, including Fenix®, Coleman®, Streamlight® and Field & Stream®.

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Choose a headlamp with a lightweight, compact design and features that offer utility on your hike. An adjustable headband and simple push-button switch ensures that using your device is a snap. Think about these factors when selecting your headlamp:

  • Lumens indicate how intensely a light glows at its source, providing insight into the power of your light. Also keep in mind factors including beam distance, battery life and the size and weight of your device
  • Beam distance is often reported in meters, measuring how far the device illuminates with new batteries
  • Run time is reported in hours, calculating run time until the lights can no longer produce usable light

Some headlamps offer a fixed beam width, while others offer adjustable widths. Flood and wide beams are useful for a variety of outdoor tasks. This beam mode does not project light a long distance, rather, it focuses light on a specific area. Narrow spot beams enable long-distance viewing—a valuable factor for hikers navigating long, dark trails.

Many headlamps come with a variety of high and low-light modes, including flashing strobe lights, boost or high beams and standard low-light. Using an "economic mode" enables you to preserve battery life.