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Learn More About Fly Fishing Rods

Choosing the Right Fly Fishing Rod

Fly rods are designed specifically for fly fishing and are not interchangeable with traditional fishing rods. Some key features to look for when selecting your fly rod are material, action and length.


The most inexpensive fly rods are made of fiberglass, a quality material that provides average strength and weight and can be used to catch fish in a range of sizes. As price increases, rods are made with graphite which offers superior strength and weight and is more versatile than a rod made of fiberglass.


Fly rods vary from slow to fast action based on preference and experience level:

  • Slow Action: Ideal for an angler looking to make a short and accurate cast in a smaller body of water such as a creek or stream
  • Moderate Action: A flexible rod that gives you more line control over that of a fast action but is still more rigid than that of a slow action
  • Moderate-Fast Action: The most versatile rod choice, this rod offers the high-performing benefits of a fast action but has more flexibility and line control
  • Fast Action: The least forgiving rod, it is designed to cast and capture fish quickly and is beneficial in windy conditions


Fly rods vary in length from 6 ft. to 10 ft. based on casting range and fishing location:

  • 6-8 ft.: Used for short- to middle-range casting with extreme accuracy in small/medium bodies of water such as creeks, ponds, and smaller rivers
  • 8-10 ft.: Used for middle- to long-range casting with average accuracy and increased line control in larger bodies of water

Choosing The Right Weight

As with traditional fishing, fly gear varies by size depending on your chosen location and the type of fish you are intending to catch. Fly outfits vary by weight from #1 weight, the lightest, all the way to up to #15 weight, which is designed for the largest fish. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you start somewhere in the middle with an outfit ranging from a #4 to a #7 weight. Rods, reels, and lines are marked by weight to simplify your selection process.