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Learn More About Food Dehydrators

Pack Lighter, Eat Better With Fruit and Meat Dehydrators

Live healthy with a food dehydrator from DICK'S Sporting Goods. Dehydrating meats, veggies and fruits condenses all their flavor into a smaller space, which mean delicious snacks without added sugar and salt.

Food dehydrators remove water while leaving nutrients intact. The end result is food which is lightweight and easy to store. Without water to cause spoilage, dehydrated food can last much longer in the pantry. Fruit and meat dehydrators are money savers, because they allow you to buy fresh ingredients in bulk and set them aside for later use, without fear of losing flavor.

Whether you're a gardener looking to preserve a surplus of herbs over the winter, a hunter looking for a jerky maker to utilize pounds of extra venison or you just desire some banana chips and dried pineapple without the cost and added sugar of store-bought brands, DICK'S Sporting Goods has got the dehydrator for you. Shop top fruit and jerky dehydrators from Weston®. Be sure to explore our jerky and sausage making kits that are perfect for beginners.

Interested in more nature-friendly cooking tools? Shop DICK'S Sporting Goods for more camp cooking equipment.