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Learn More About Deer Food Plots

Attract Prey with Deer Food Plot Seed

Plant a tasty meal for your prey with deer food plots from DICK'S Sporting Goods. In this selection, you will find bags of deer food plot seed that will grow a variety of delicious greens. These throw-and-grow seeds make it easy to cover a large area quickly. With the right amount of rain, clover, winter peas, oats and more will soon sprout. Animals in the vicinity will love snacking at your food plot. When the time is right, set up your hunter's blind or tree stand and wait patiently. Soon, you will hopefully have a wide open shot at a record-setting buck.

Attracting deer to your hunting spot can be difficult. You can try to fool them with artificial deer scents and deer calls or you can plant some all-natural greens that will be irresistible to hungry animals.

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Food Plots Give You an Advantage

When you are on the hunt, every little advantage counts. Use deer food seed from DICK'S Sporting Goods, and you will have the benefit of knowing exactly where a choice plot of delicious greens grows in your area. Here are impressive features of some of the seed types in this collection:

  • No Tilling Required: These seeds are designed to be spread out on the ground by hand. When the season is right, they will begin to grow. There is no need to till the soil with farm equipment.
  • Yearly Regrowth: Select seeds that will grow back year after year, up to 5 years.
  • Cover a Large Area: Bags of seed can cover up to 22,000 square feet, allowing you more space to lure in a potential kill.

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