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Learn More About Football Helmets

Find The Right Helmet: Learn More About Youth Football Helmets

Kids can shield themselves on the gridiron with top-rated youth football helmets.

Suit up for the game with a football helmet that's engineered for performance. Explore a variety of helmet materials, constructions, padding and facemask configurations—and find the fit that matches your game.

The latest football helmets deliver up the right blend of protection and playability. If a custom helmet is what you're looking for, shop custom football helmets and build your perfect gear. Innovative technology provides superior shock absorption for your hardest hits, while ventilation systems keep you cool through the final second on the clock.

Discover your next football helmet from popular brands, including Riddell®, Schutt® and more. Shop our full selection of football protective gear at DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Learn more about the construction of your football helmet.

The outer component of a helmet is called the shell.

  • The shell is designed of ABS plastic or a polycarobonate alloy, designed to withstand aggressive contact.
  • Ventilation systems throughout the shell increase airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable when the game is tough.

Different types of padding are used to provide cushion within the shell. Padding is either pre-sized or inflatable. Remember, there should be no space between the temple and the helmet and the jaw and the helmet.

  • Thermoplastic Urethane (TPU) foam does not require compression or a break-in period. This material offered by select brands and provides optimal impact upon shock.
  • Vinyl nitrile foam delivers efficient shock absorption that comfortably protects the athlete. This material may require a break-in period.

Facemasks can be purchased as a part of the helmet or an individual piece

Masks are typically composed of carbon steel or stainless steel. This device should be lightweight, yet durable. Consider the different facemask designs available:

  • Oral protection-only delivers clear field of vision, ideal for quarterbacks, defensive backs and wide receivers.
  • Jaw and oral protection provides added protection for blocking and hitting. Many running backs and tight-ends opt for this model.
  • Nose, jaw and oral protection is beneficial for linemen who encounter constant hard hits.
  • Consider eyeglass and oral protection with your helmet.

The right fit is critical for any football position. Follow this simple guide to determine your proper measurements and fit:

  • Have a friend or parent take your measurement to ensure accuracy
  • Place measuring tape 1 inch above your eyebrows and wrap it around your head. This is where the helmet will rest
  • This is your circumference. Once you have your measurement, use it to select a helmet size on the product page