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Boost your Game in 2018 with the Right Golf Irons & Iron Sets

Choose the right iron or iron set for men and women that matches your swing characteristics and delivers the perfect feedback and forgiveness for your game.

Top Golf Iron Collections for 2018:

Shop left and right-handed irons and performance-ready irons that appear on Golf Digest's Hot List. Select between steel and graphite irons. Graphite produces a softer flex – ideal for golfers looking to achieve a faster swing speed. Heavier steel irons generate better consistency on the greens.

You're more likely to hit an iron from the fairway than any other club in your set. Hybrid irons are increasingly popular amongst novice players. These irons are a fusion between fairway wood technology and the traditional iron design.

Hybrids clubs are graduated in designed – irons with lower loft bear a striking resemblance to metal woods, but mid and short irons maintain a classic irons look. These irons feature a wider sole and lower center of gravity, a perfect blend for players having trouble launching the ball.

Find Tour-proven irons and golf clubs from the best brands in the game, like TaylorMade®, Callaway®, PING®, and others.

Expert Advice

Think about trajectory, workability and feel when selecting your irons or irons set. To find the right match for your game, consider your needs as a player.

Game-improvement irons, also known as “cavity-back irons,” are designed with features that promote forgiveness, making these clubs easier to swing and improving clubhead speed.

  • Cavity back or hollow club heads create perimeter weighting, increasing the sweet spot for more forgiveness.
  • Longer blade (face) length accommodates off-center hits.
  • Wider soles allow for more turf forgiveness.
  • A lower center of gravity (COG) enhances trajectory.
  • More offset aids in squaring the blade at impact.
  • Lightweight steel or graphite shafts lower the overall weight.
  • Usually manufactured from stainless steel using the investment casting method.

Players Irons are mid-size irons best used by advanced players. Also known as “blade irons” they require consistent technique. Players irons are less forgiving on off-center shots.

  • Muscle back club heads (a solid, non-cavity back design) are common in this category. They are less forgiving but offer advanced control on well struck shots. Some Players Irons offer the slightly more forgiving cavity back design but still have many other features that appeal to an experienced golfer.
  • Slightly shorter blade (face) lengths, reduced offset, narrow sole widths, beveled leading edges and thinner top lines favor superior shot-making control over forgiveness.
  • Stainless steel shafts are standard and preferred by most elite players.
  • Usually manufactured from softer carbon steel using a forging process. May also be forged or investment cast from heat-treated stainless steel, which softens the steel and results in properties similar to carbon steel.

Super Game-Improvement Irons are ideal for golfers with higher handicaps, offering enhanced forgiveness for off-center hits.


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