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Learn More About Golf Shafts

Golf Shafts for Trajectory & Power

It's the details that make the difference in your round. Your golf shaft should be in-tune with your game, engineered to control ball trajectory and provide directional control.

Golf shafts are constructed with a variety of flexes and flex profiles to match an individual golfer's swing mechanics and level of strength. A custom-like shaft will provide the feel and performance you're looking for.

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Graphite and stainless steel are common materials used in the construction of golf shafts.

Steel shafts typically range from 85 grams to 130 grams. Steel largely produces consistent flex from shaft to shaft. This material is preferred by stronger players, as it is heavier, but delivers optimal feel on swing.

Graphite shafts are commonly used in woods and hybrids, and benefit players with slower swing speeds. Graphite is lighter in weight, making it easier to swing. It also reduces vibration at impact, helping reduce stress on hands, wrists and elbows-players with regular joint pain may opt for a graphite shaft.

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The role of your golf shaft is to deliver the clubhead to the ball reliably and consistently. And your golf shaft plays an important role in swing tempo. Keep in mind the faster your swing speed, the stiffer the shaft you need. Meanwhile, golfers with slower swing speeds benefit from a more flexible shaft.

The weight of your shaft is also a factor-lighter shafts produce increases in clubhead speed. Heavier shafts, often those constructed of stainless steel, produce better feel and control.

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