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Arccos Caddie Bundle
    Arccos Caddie Bundle



    Learn More About Golf Gadgets & Technology

    Shop The Best Golf Gadgets At DICK'S

    Get an edge on the course with top golf tech from DICK'S Sporting Goods. Shop a great selection of rangefinders, watches, swing analyzers and more.

    Learn more about the types of golf tech available at DICK'S, and find out how each can enhance your game.

    • Golf GPS Devices: If you've ever used a GPS device in your car, it's the same principle on the golf course. Golf GPS units coordinate with global positioning satellites to determine your location on the course, showing you the distance to the front, center and back of the green. Golf GPS devices often offer automated features that allow for faster play, including auto course recognition, auto hole recognition and more. Some units will even track your score and other stats as you play. DICK'S offers a great selection of both hand-held golf GPS devices and golf GPS watches.
    • Golf Rangefinders: Rangefinders use high-frequency lasers to provide line-of-sight yardage to the flagstick or other targets. With most models, you just point the rangefinder at your target, and it provides the distance. Some models can detect slope on the course, adjusting the distance to your target based on uphill/downhill elevation changes.
    • Golf Swing & Game Analyzers: These devices offer incredible insights into your swing, giving you feedback on how your tendencies affect performance. The latest game analyzers can track every shot you take during a round, identifying areas of your game that could use some attention on the range.