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Tools for Proper Gun Cleaning & Care

Keep your guns functioning effectively and firing safely with proper gun cleaning tools and accessories.

Discover all the tools you need to keep your guns in top shape. A gun cleaning kit offers all of the essentials needed to maintain your weapon. Also find individual bore cleaning solutions and tools, barrel lubricants, plastic removers, copper removers, carbon removers, cleaning patches, gun plugs and much more.

Rely on brands like Rusty Duck, Otis, Bushmaster, Thompson/Center Arms, Field & Stream, Hoppe's, Remington and more.

Get the most out of your gun. Clean it after ever use.

Ensure the gun is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction before you start gun cleaning. Review the owner's manual. Handguns usually require some level of disassembly before cleaning. Work in a well-ventilated area. The compounds produced by shooting, as well as the chemicals used to clean and lubricate your firearm, can be toxic and should be handled with care. Consider wearing protective gloves and safety glasses to reduce your exposure to the toxic materials.

Help maintain your gun's quality and life by storing your weapon unloaded in a cool, dry environment. Keep your firearm indoors, in a temperature-controlled environment.

Inspect your gun for defects or signs of wear while cleaning. If you find any, consider taking the gun to a gunsmith or gun expert.

Understand the materials you need for adequate gun cleaning.

  1. Unload & disassemble your gun
  2. Clean the barrel with cleaning rods/patches
  3. Scrub the barrel with a bore brush
  4. Lubricate the barrel
  5. Clean the action with a dry, clean cloth

The interior of the barrel is one of the most important parts of your gun to clean. Material left in the barrel can reduce your weapon's accuracy.

Dip a patch into your solvent and attach it to your cleaning rod. Use a clean patch surface each time you go down the barrel. Consider alternating with a bore brush to thoroughly scrub the barrel.

After wiping your firearm clean of solvents, lubricate the barrel. Run a clean patch treated with a little lubricant or gun oil through the bore to protect your gun from moisture.