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Keep Cozy With Hand Warmers

It's the small essentials that make a difference. From the gridiron sidelines to a backcountry hike, hand warmers provide an extra degree of warmth when the air turns crisp.

There's a variety of ways to keep yourself cozy when you're out in Mother Nature. You can tuck compact, air-activated packets into your gloves for extra warmth on the go. For long-lasting heat, grab a rechargeable hand-warmer, which provides more than five hours of heat and comfortably fits in pockets and pouches.

Outfit your favorite pair of winter boots with adhesive toe warmers, which are designed to perform in the low-oxygen environment of boots and shoes. Just stick them onto the outside of your sock for thermal comfort in the cold.

Shop hand warmers and foot warmers from trusted brands, like Yaktrax®, Grabber® and ThermaCELL®. Looking for more? Shop all outdoor accessories from DICK'S Sporting Goods.