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Learn More About Hockey Helmets

Stay Protected With Hockey Helmets

Get the essential protection and coverage you need with a hockey helmet from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

A hockey helmet is one of your most important pieces of equipment and it's mandatory for safety at every level of hockey. Gear up with latest helmets from the biggest names in the game, including Bauer® and CCM®.

Shop styles with hockey masks for added protection.

Remember to check your local league's rules before purchasing a new hockey helmet and refer to the manufacturer's instructions and warnings before use.

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What to Look for in a Hockey Helmet

Consider the following details when buying a hockey helmet:

  • Outer Shell: Outer shells are made of sturdy plastic or composite materials.
  • Padding: Helmets are lined with protective foam padding designed to cushion the player's head. There are various levels of foam densities, including dual-density foam and multi-density foam. Look for padding that is at least 5/8 inches thick.
  • One Piece vs. Two Piece: One-piece options require fewer adjustments and often come custom fitted. They are typically stiff and rigid and are often the preferred choice of advanced players. Two-piece styles can provide a more customizable fit and feature an adjustable single- or dual-screw system. Due to more adjustable features, two-piece styles are great for younger players.
  • Facemasks: There are three types of hockey masks: wire cages, face shields and combination masks. Wire cages are made of metal or composite materials and provide protection that doesn't fog up like some face shields. Hockey visors and hockey shields offer either full or half-face coverage for protection and a clear vision of the rink. Many high-impact polycarbonate shields have scratch-resistant coating. Combination masks feature a clear plastic shield for the top of the face and wire for the jaw area.
  • Hockey Helmet Features: Specialized ventilation ports allow for breathability. Foam ear covers and chin cups provide important protection against impact. An attached four-point chin strap helps ensure a proper fit. Occipital lock cups are located on the back of the head, below the occipital ridge. They prevent the helmet from coming apart upon extreme impact.
  • Tool-Free Adjustment: This convenient feature allows players to make quick adjustments to their headgear, even mid-game. Without this feature, helmets require screws to be adjusted for customization.