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Suit Up for Action on the Ice with Hockey Jock Shorts

Shop hockey shorts from DICK'S Sporting Goods today and discover performance undergarments that will make a difference on the ice. Designed to fit under your padded hockey pants, hockey jock shorts add an extra amount of padding where you need it most. Tailored for a snug, yet comfortable fit, hockey shorts with velcro will feel great, even as the final seconds tick off the clock. Available in both loose-fit and hockey compression short styles, it is easy to find a pair for your playing style.

Help protect yourself with hockey shorts with cup from this collection. Injuries to the groin area can be painful and severe. With a cup inserted into your shorts, you may help drastically reduce your chances of getting hurt. Also consider fully padded hockey shorts for added protection.

Getting ready for the coming season? Equip yourself with the best gear on the market. Browse more high-quality hockey apparel from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

Enjoy High-Performance Hockey Shorts with Velcro & Cup

Made from cutting-edge materials, DICK'S hockey undergarments are pro-quality designs that will not let you down when the game is on the line. If you are practicing on a daily basis, you need a few pair of shorts to make sure you always have a fresh pair on hand. Here are some design perks:

  • Increased Breathability: Overheating on the ice is no fun. Hockey shorts are designed to help air circulate around your thighs. Stay cool, dry and invigorated.
  • Durable Waistband: Manufactured with choice elastic, these shorts will fit snugly all season long.
  • Lightweight, Flexible Cups: Insertable cups offer a little flex and give. This promotes a much more natural feel while still providing max protection.

Whether you are at the rink or on the street, safety is the number one priority. Help prevent injury with hockey pads and protective gear from DICK'S Sporting Goods.