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Learn More About Ice Hockey Skates

Skate With Power: Learn More About Ice Hockey Skates

Nothing can stop you when you step on the ice.

And your hockey skates are your defining piece of equipment. Consider your skate a part of your foot—it's vital that your hockey skates are designed for your style of play and level of experience. Explore the collection now:

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Think about your skate construction when selecting your ice hockey skate:


  • Most hockey skates are crafted with a blend of leather and synthetic materials, designed to deliver durability, performance and comfort.
  • Hard plastic boots offer better protection against pucks and provide added support for your ankles.
  • Goalie skates are similar in construction to regular hockey skates, but are designed with a wider blade and lower boot with more ankle and foot protection.


  • Skate blades are made of steel, constructed with a concave shape.
  • Blade radius is an important factor. This detail is the amount of the skate blade that is in contact with the ice during play. Radius is determined by placing the blades together, bottom to bottom, and holding them up the light. The length where the blade contacts the ice is the radius.
  • Blade radius for beginners is roughly 5 inches. This increases your ability to propel yourself along the ice with added stability. A radius of 3 to 4 inches helps in cutting and turning—experienced forwards opt for a shorter blade radius. Defensemen go for longer blades for added stability.

Hockey skates fit differently than regular athletic footwear. Your hockey skates should be tighter to enhance stability on the ice and minimize abrasion and chafing. Remember, you will be wearing thick hockey socks during play.

When selecting youth hockey skates, do not purchase a large size for your child to grow into—oversized skates hinder their ability to learn to skate and could lead to injury.