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Nite Ize Spotlit Collar
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Nite Ize Spotlit Collar

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Get an Edge with Hunting Accessories

DICK'S Sporting Goods offers a wide variety of accessories for turkey, duck, deer and predator hunting as well as items for hunting less common animals, such as doves. Accessories are available from top brands like Browning, Field & Stream, Flambeau, Weston and Under Armour.

Available accessories include hunting decoys, game calls and spotlights to ensure you are fully prepared for your hunt. If you are looking for hunting knives, hunting backpacks, or dog training gear, browse our large selection of products. DICK's also provides an array of chairs and heated seats to keep you comfortable while exposing yourself to the harshest elements. In addition to accessories for the hunt, you can also find truck accessories.

One of the most important accessories when hunting is something you don't take with you. Your scent. Use scent-free soap and scent lures before hunting to mask your smell. Most animals are sensitive to scents and will pick up yours right away, even if you have washed thoroughly with regular soaps. Scent lures can help cover up your natural scent and direct the game right into your sights.

Hunting accessories help make your time in the field, woods or mountains less complicated. Bring the animals to you with expertly developed scent lures, game calls and decoys. DICK'S Sporting Goods offers lures for bears, deer, elk and other large game. If you're looking for an more engaging way to attract animals, shop calls for turkeys, deer, elk and more. Life-like decoys are available for turkey, duck, goose, and dove hunting.

When hunting in areas that contain large, natural predators, it is a good idea to bring along pepper spray in case of an emergency. Mace supplies a number of spays, including bear spray, that stop bears and other predators before getting too close for comfort.

When setting up decoys for large birds like geese or turkeys, be sure to space the birds far apart to replicate natural patterns. Most hunters find birds will not land near their decoys if there is not enough spacing room.

When considering bird hunting accessories like game calls, buy at least two different types of bird calls: loud and soft. Having a variety to choose from will ensure you can attract fowl regardless of your specific setting or weather conditions. For example, a loud, sharp call is perfect for a windy day, while a softer call is ideal for calmer conditions.