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When you're on the hunt, you need to stay warm without overheating or getting damp from sweat. The best way to have a successful hunt is to layer, and that begins with a high-quality base layer from DICK'S Sporting Goods. Shop top brands like Under Armour®, Field & Stream®, Nomad® and more.

Whether you're shopping for hunting leggings, camo leggings or a top, they need to be made with moisture-wicking material. These are special fabrics designed to pull sweat away from the body and deliver it to your outer layers so that you stay dry and warm. Ultimately you'll be more comfortable and your trip outdoors will be more satisfying.

Not all base layers will work for your particular hunting activity, season and varying weather conditions. Be sure to choose the proper weight for your needs.

Lightweight Base Layers

  • Made of thinner material to help wick moisture away and dry faster
  • Ideal to be used during spring and early fall
  • Can serve as a first base layer beneath a heavier base layer in very cold weather
  • Can be used alone during warmer weather

Mid-Weight Base Layers

  • Ideal to be used in moderately cold weather
  • Can be used as a next-to-skin layer or layered over a lightweight base layer to provide additional warmth on colder hunts

Heavy-Weight Base Layers

  • Designed for cold-weather temperatures
  • Typically not used as a next-to-skin layer but are often used to layer on top of a light- or medium-weight layer
  • Generally do not wick moisture as well and are often made of thick material

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