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Learn More About Hunting Rangefinders

Learn More About Hunting Rangefinders

Move with precision and target your prey like never before with high-performance hunting rangefinders and other hunting optics.

A rangefinder is an essential tool for your hunt. Find a device that is compact, lightweight and rugged to endure any weather condition or environment. The advanced optics of a rangefinder can be the difference-maker on your shot.

Rangefinders measure the distance between you and your target by emitting a laser beam that reflects off the target and back to your device, providing hunters with valuable insight before they pull the trigger.

Choose from rangefinders with details like simple, single-button operation, binoculars-like design and generous eye cups for comfort. Devices are engineered for activities like target shooting and archery.

Equip yourself for anything with trusted brands like Nikon®, S4 Gear, Leupold® and Bushnell® for innovative, performance-ready rangefinders for your hunt.

Ensure your game is visible and your shot is accurate, every time, in any terrain.

Select a rangefinder that offers a weather-resistant construction and easy-to-handle design. Your device should be waterproof, shockproof and fogproof to withstand anything you put it through.

Consider these factors when purchasing a rangefinder for hunting:

  • Maximum range
  • Minimum range
  • Slope calculation
  • Battery life
  • The size of the device
  • The clarity of the range finder's display

Coated lenses provide a clear, bright image. Anti-reflective coatings on your device's lens ensure that it is easy to read. Rangefinders are available with clear LCD displays for easy reading in both bright sunlight and evening lowlight.

Select a rangefinder that is built to measure the distance you desire, whether it's 100 or 1,000 yards.

Incline or decline elevation compensation features allow you to range targets in any terrain, from flat to elevated ground.

Larger lenses often lead to a brighter view through the device. However, users will not be looking through the rangefinder as they would a pair of binoculars. Smaller lens offer a lighter feel for easier carrying on the move.