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Tink's #69 Fogger
    Tink's #69 Fogger



    Learn More About Hunting Scents & Attractants

    Attract Prey the Smart Way with Hunting Attractants

    Browse animal scents from DICK'S Sporting Goods, and find a product that will help you attract your prey. Getting a clear, close shot on your target can be the difference between landing a trophy buck and going home empty handed. Hunting scents from this line will help attract into the kill zone. Lure more deer, elk or coyote into your sights with these scientifically formulated products.

    In addition to luring prey to the area, hunting attractants from this collection will help cover your own scent. Deer may sense something afoot if they smell you lurking behind your hunter's blind. The right scent will overpower any odor you may be giving off. Help make your hunt successful with hours of target practice, plenty of patience, and animal lures from this line.

    Every hunter knows, a good knife is essential gear. Shop a huge selection of knives and multi tools from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

    Choose the Right Animal Scent for Your Game

    Here are a few types of hunting lures that you will find in this selection:

    • Stick Lures: Similar to classic underarm deodorant, this style allows you to apply a scent exactly where you need it. Rub it on a tree stump, near a feeder or apply some to the bottom of your boots and cover your tracks.
    • Liquid Lures: Often stronger smelling than stick lures, these concoctions can be dabbed on clothing to mask your odor and easily sprayed over a larger area downrange.
    • Scent Bombs and Foggers: For dispersing an enticing smell over a large area, these high-powered designs cannot be beat.

    Looking for another great way to attract prey? Check out game feeders from DICK'S Sporting Goods.