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Puck Control & Performance: High-Quality Hockey Sticks

Take your game to the next level with a new hockey stick from DICK'S Sporting Goods. Whether you're playing on the ice or in the street, you'll find the latest hockey sticks from the biggest brands, including Bauer® and CCM®.

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Find hockey sticks for all skill levels, positions and playing styles. Sort hockey sticks by division and browse senior, intermediate, junior and youth hockey sticks. Choose from composite or wood sticks, clear or grip finishes and right- or left-handed styles.

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What to Look for in Your Hockey Stick

The right hockey stick can make a big difference in your game. Top-quality hockey sticks can help you have more control, more power, greater agility with the puck and better overall defense.

Consider the following details when shopping for a hockey stick:

  • Hockey Stick Length: The length of your hockey stick is extremely important as it can be difficult to control an undersized or oversized stick. If you're not sure about sizing, it's often best to buy a longer stick. The shaft can be cut at a later time.
  • Hockey Stick Blade Curve: Think of your playing style when choosing the curve of your hockey stick blade. Players who like to shoot and pass on the backhand and also make saucer passes often use more of a straight blade. Players who rely on wrist shots and snap shots often prefer more curve to their blade, which can help add velocity. Keep in mind that hockey sticks can have a heel curve, mid curve or toe curve blade pattern, as well as open versus closed face blade patterns.
  • Hockey Stick Blade Length: Hockey blade length can also make a difference. Shorter blades often allow for better puck control, while longer blades help increase shot power. Medium-length blades offer a combination of puck control and shot power.
  • Hockey Stick Flex: Players who prefer the snap shot and wrist shot often opt for a lighter flex, while players who take a lot of slap shots may prefer a stiffer flex. The higher the flex, the more stiffness the hockey stick shaft has.
  • Hockey Stick Materials: Hockey sticks come in one-piece or two-piece designs. Most of today's hockey sticks are composite, though there are still some wood styles available. Carbon fiber and graphite composite hockey sticks are lightweight and typically the preferred stick for ice hockey. Wood hockey sticks are usually heavier but deliver excellent durability and feel on the ice. If the blade is not taped properly and often, water and ice can get in the blade, splinter it, add weight and take away from its effectiveness.
  • Hockey Stick Maintenance: Protect your hockey stick. Tape and wax your hockey stick blade to help keep it in top shape. Shop a variety of hockey stick tape and wax.

Practice is key when playing with a new hockey stick. Work on your hockey stick skills with a variety of hockey training aids.

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