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Fun on Ice: Shop Ice Skates & Figure Skates

Glide on ice with recreational and figure skates for the whole family.

Get started with ice skates for beginners. Choose skates manufactured with a soft and comfortable boot construction and single- and double-blade designs for children.

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Achieve maximum performance on the ice with a variety of figure skates. Many of these models feature reinforced ankle support, which helps you stay safe while skating. Skates designed with a waterproof sole are a must-have, keeping your feet dry and warm all day long, from practice to competition.

Shop ice skates from popular brands, including Jackson Ultima Skates®, Roces®, American Athletic Shoe® and DBX®.

How to Choose the Right Ice Skates for You

Always consider your skill level when selecting ice skates.

If you're looking for durability from your ice skates, shop for skates made from strong, thick leather.

Soft boot skates are not intended for advanced figure skating moves but can be great for a novice since there is no breaking-in period.

Figure skates are designed with a stiff boot construction to protect and support the foot and ankle during advanced maneuvers. Figure skates also feature prominent toe picks—the jagged part of the blade that allows you to dig into the ice for jumps and pivots. Recreational skates have smaller toe picks that aren't as sharp.

Finding a figure skate with the right fit is essential to your performance on the ice. Your skating boot should fit snugly but offer enough room so your toes aren't pinched.

If your skating boot is too big, creases form near the toes and the feet slip inside the boot, causing painful blisters. When boots are too small, the toes have a tendency to curl on top of each other.

Also consider the socks you wear. You should only wear a thin pair of socks while skating, so size accordingly.