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Practice your game with indoor soccer balls from DICK'S Sporting Goods.

You know how to practice, but you need the right ball to do it. Indoor balls are lightweight and allow you to practice the sport with the correct weight of ball versus outdoor soccer games. For rec leagues or competitive teams, these are the balls used regularly for indoor soccer. The indoor version of the game still has walls, a net and turf. This means the skills developed for the game are implemented in conventional soccer as well. Indoor soccer may be preferable depending on the area, turf, or grass accessibility.

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Indoor Soccer Balls vs. Futsal Balls

What's the difference between a ball for indoor soccer and a futsal ball? It's all about weight. For a futsal ball, the interior of the ball is softer which means there's less bounce and movement for the ball. During futsal, players are on a hard surface. The skills developed for the game differ from indoor soccer in that the playing area is marked with lines and there are no walls to support players. Because of this, players develop different skills than indoor soccer, primarily focusing on technique and control versus speed and strength.

When browsing our indoor soccer balls and futsal balls, be sure to check the specific name of the ball to know you are purchasing the correct equipment for your game. You're sure to see just how far you can take your skills when you invest in the right ball for practice and games.

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