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Stretch & Flex with Inversion Tables

Shop inversion therapy tables at DICK'S Sporting Goods and find the gear you need to stretch and flex at home. Start feeling an improvement in your overall comfort level and posture with the help of a high-quality inversion table. Always carefully follow the specific instructions provided with the inversion table you purchase.

These tables are designed to use your own weight to stretch your back and joints. Bring inversion therapy home with a variety of tables designed with large or compact frames for easy storage.

Pick up accessories like hang-up bars, spinal back stretchers and gravity boots. Choose from top brands like Teeter Hang Ups®, Ironman® and Stamina Products® for quality inversion products.

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Choose From Multiple Table Features

Look for a sturdy, secure inversion therapy table designed to easily support your weight as you're hanging upside down. Find a fit that's ideal for your body and space and keep the following factors in mind before purchasing your inversion table:

  • Size & Adjustability: Make sure the degree of the inversion is controllable. Most frames specify minimum and maximum sizes for users. Remember: the larger the frame, the more stable it will be.
  • Padding: Back pads provide comfort during use. Some users prefer minimal padding, while others want plush support. Look for quality materials and construction. Molded beds with mesh padding provide an alternative to padding.
  • Securing Features: Always consider the platform and clamps of your inversion table. Different models vary in how they position and secure a body to the table. Padded knee bars aid people who do not want to hang upside down by their ankles.

Outfit your inversion table with accessories like vibrating cushions, tether straps, stretch handles and more. For a space-saving alternative to an inversion table, try an adjustable hang-up bar designed to improve ligament strength and flexibility.

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