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Enjoy Delicious Jerky Cure & Seasoning Mixes

With jerky and sausage making kits from DICK'S Sporting Goods, you will have the gear you need to make mouthwatering food for the whole family. After a successful hunt, there is plenty of fresh meat. Try something new and process it into jerky and sausage. Choose from sausage making supplies like collagen casings and cook up a mouthwatering duck sausage that will be the star of your next cookout.

Jerky cure and seasoning mixes will help you preserve and flavor your left over venison or even beef from the grocery store. With a jerky rack and gun, you are all set to make some tasty meat treats that will come in handy while you are on your next hunt. Start with the gun to form raw ground meat into a cylinder. Then a jerky rack will help the meat to cure evenly.

Looking to make the most out of your kill? Check out more game processing equipment from DICK'S Sporting Goods, including meat grinders and sausage stuffers as well as jerky dehydrators.

The Perks of Jerky & Sausage Making Supplies

Jerky and sausages have long been popular with hunters. With the sausage and jerky supplies from DICK'S Sporting Goods, you can continue in this ancient tradition. Here are some of the benefits to making your own jerky or sausages:

  • Preserve Food Longer: Whether you are a hunter, a farmer or just got an amazing deal at the butcher, you can vastly extend the shelf life of raw meat by processing it into cured sausages or jerky.
  • Lightweight Protein: When you are on the trail, camping or hunting, traveling with excess weight is an issue. Jerky is lightweight and takes up relatively little space. Have protein on hand when your body needs it, even if you are miles from civilization.
  • Taste That Cannot Be Beat: Do you like a searing hot habanero flavor? Perhaps a sweet teriyaki is more your style. Make sausage and jerky for your personal tastes with these kits.

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