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Power Meets Finesse: Zion 1 Basketball Shoes

Arguably the most unique player in the NBA, Zion Williamson's game is unlike anybody else's. Blending physical power with incredible quickness, Zion leaves you wondering how it's possible for somebody that big to move that quickly. The Zion 1 Basketball Shoes, Zion Williamson's first signature shoe with the Jordan Brand®, are just as eye catching as his on-court displays.

A testament to Zion's appreciation of a foundational home base, the debut 'Gen Zion' colorway comes in a black and white design. A big believer in mastering the simple things first, the Zion 1 basketball shoes will feature three additional colorways - the Zion 1 'ZNA' style, 'Noah' style, and the 'Marion' style. Staying close to his roots, the 'Noah' colorway is named after his brother while the 'Marion' colorway is a testament to the name of the town in South Carolina that Zion grew up.

Already a viral sensation by the time he was 17 years old, Zion Williamson knows how to deliver in the spotlight. Whether it be a ferocious in-game dunk that gets you out of your seat or his charitable act of covering the salaries of Pelicans' employees during the pandemic, Zion gets it right, and his Zion 1 Basketball Shoes are no different.

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