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Kayak, Boat & Canoe Trailers: Transport Your Watercraft With Ease

Taking your boat down to the launch or beach will be easier than ever with kayak trailers for sale at DICK'S Sporting Goods. Boat, kayak and canoe trailers are designed to be simple to use and to securely hold your watercraft. Choose from large and small boat trailers that are ideal for moving your fishing boat and trailers that are made to carry multiple kayaks or canoes. Keep your boat or kayak stacked with the right kayak rack for your trailer.

Whether you are planning a summer getaway with your family, upgrading the gear at your camp or going on a fishing trip with your buddies, you will have no problem getting your boat into the water with these well-made trailers. Load up the crew, hitch up the trailer and head to the shore. Get in the water faster than ever.

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The Latest Kayak, Canoe & Boat Trailer Designs

Every boat, canoe, single and 2 kayak trailer from DICK'S Sporting Goods is manufactured by an industry-leading brand and constructed with high-quality materials. Do not struggle with launching your boat from a subpar trailer. These brand new models are crafted to streamline the process. Launch your boat quickly and have more time to spend in the water. Other advantages of trailers to look out for include:

  • Non-Scratch Design: Padded rollers and buffers will keep from scratching your boat, kayak or canoe.
  • Improved Maneuverability: The harbor parking lot can be busy and it can be tough to get your boat positioned properly for a launch. Select trailers that are designed for maximum maneuverability.
  • Durable Construction: Built tough by premium brands, bring home a trailer that is made to last.
  • Ease of Use: Load and unload your cargo easily with a trailer that has an intuitive design.

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